Tile Surface Types: A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents

1. Polished

The stunning appearance of PGVT tiles is attributed to three key layers: a refined glaze coat, intricate color and design, and a robust tile body. Notably, PGVT tiles boast a glossy surface that is effortlessly cleaned, highly resistant to scratches, and beautifully reflects light.

2. Matt Surface Tiles

Unlike glossy tiles, Matt tiles have a special non-reflective layer on the top, providing a subtle look. Being non-slippery and concealers of scratches and stains, these tiles are ideal for high traffic spaces. However, note that their surface isn’t as smooth, and they may be harder to clean.

3. High Glossy Tiles

Boasting a mirror-like reflective surface with a shine rating of 98°+, these tiles add a luxurious feel to any space. Notably, these tiles are coated with a special Nano chemical for enhanced shine.

4. Double Charge Tiles

Unique in their composition, Double Charge tiles have two layers: color powder and the tile body. Known for their strength and durability, these tiles are much tougher than their counterparts.

5. Porcelain Soluble Salt (Nano Tiles)

The design of these tiles is achieved through liquid color screen printing and subsequent heat processing. Afterward, they are polished for better stain resistance and nano coated.

6. Wall Glossy Tiles (Ceramic)

Typically used in wall surfaces, these ceramic tiles are known for their varied color and design range. They have a glazed coating and don’t need any polishing.

7. Matt Finish Tiles

These tiles offer a non-shiny and subtle look through a special layer added on the topmost layer. Notably, Matt finish tiles are known for their anti-slippery nature and unique designs.

8. Rustic Matt Finish Tiles

An extension of Matt tiles, Rustic tiles offer a rough or punch effect on the upper body layer. They offer good wear and slip resistance.

9. Carving Matt Finish Tiles

Adding depth to your floors, these tiles sport a special effect during glazing. Their unique design, scratch resistance, and easy maintenance make them a popular choice.

10. Satin Matt Finish Tiles

Satin finish tiles strike a balance between Matt and Glossy tiles in terms of shine and smoothness. They are easy to clean and maintain.

11. Lappato Surface Finish Tiles

These tiles sport a semi-gloss appearance, courtesy of the shiny texture on their surface. Similarly to the Satin finish tiles, they balance between matte and polished.

12. Sugar Surface Finish Tiles

Possessing a grainy finish, Sugar effect tiles exhibit small sugar-like crystals over the surface. This unique feature adds depth to their appearance and they also offer excellent anti-skid and scratch resistance.

13. Roker Matt Finish Tiles

These tiles provide crevices across their surface, similar to natural marble and wood. They’re stain and scratch resistant, plus easy to maintain.

14. Full Body Matt & Glossy Finish Tiles

The strongest among all vitrified tiles, these tiles consist of a single material layer throughout their body, ensuring the tile color does not fade over time. They are available in both Polished Gloss and Matt finish.

15. Wall Matt Tiles (Ceramic)

Similar to Wall Glossy Tiles in terms of body, these tiles have a matt glazing coat. They come in various colors and designs and are mostly used on wall surfaces.

By understanding these tile surface types, you’ll be better equipped to make a sound decision for your specific needs. Happy shopping!

16. Anti-Slip Matte R10 Tiles

R10-rated anti-slip tiles offer a significant safety feature, especially in areas that are prone to moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens. These tiles are engineered to provide a firm grip underfoot, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Their practicality does not compromise their aesthetic appeal; available in diverse designs, they maintain an elegant appearance while ensuring your space is safe and functional.

17. Anti-Slip Matte R11 Tiles

With an R11 anti-slip rating, these tiles are designed for environments that are consistently exposed to water or need an extra level of safety. The R11 rating indicates a higher slip resistance, suitable for outdoor spaces like patios, pool areas, and outdoor cafes. They effectively merge safety with style, offering robustness without foregoing the visual appeal.

18. Unglazed Tiles

Unglazed tiles present a natural, rustic aesthetic that is both timeless and durable. Lacking a glazed top layer, they exhibit the raw beauty of the materials they are made from. Perfect for high traffic areas, these tiles are inherently slip-resistant and hide scratches and dirt better than their glazed counterparts. An asset to any design scheme, unglazed tiles deliver an earthy charm with the promise of longevity.