Marteu Formats

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Formats describe the dimensions of individual pieces of a product, providing the length, width, thickness, and price per square foot/square meter.

Nominal Sizes

Ceramic, Porcelain, Quartz Tiles

The international standard of measurement  is in the metric system. More specifically, it is expressed in millimeters as defined by the ISO 10545 and ISO 10582. Accordingly, all Marteu Manufacturers operate their production using these standards.

Stores and distributors in the U.S. round these numbers in order to simplify the buying/selling process.

For example, what we know in the U.S. as 48”x48” is produced as 1200×1200 mm.

This method is completely not precise as the conversion for 1200 millimeters is 47.24409. Using standard rounding rules, what we commonly refer to as 48”x48” would more accurately be described as 47”x47”.

We believe precision matters, so we do things a bit differently.

Conversions from metric to imperial are done to the nearest hundredth decimal place on Marteu in order to provide you with a balance between readability and precision.

The Versatility of Formats

Manufacturers manage their format details independently from their products. This allows them to easily create many products while still providing all the essential information we need to accurately fill containers in your order cart.

This allows you to easily review your favorite designs in different dimensions as demonstrated in the screenshots below.