Delivering World Class Customer Service With Marteu

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If you’ve just been accepted as a Marteu Manufacturer, congratulations! We’re excited to have you on the platform. 

Our mission is to enable manufacturers like yourselves to do direct business with buyers globally allowing buyers access to some of the worlds best manufacturers while providing you with an increased volume of sales. 

The buying experience your customers will receive via Marteu is like no other.

People purchase from Marteu Manufacturers because of the safety and transparency of our purchase experience.

You are essential in the delivery of this experience.

Marteu provides the infrastructure for you to deliver top quality customer service to your buyers, but ultimately the work is up to you.

We expect you to do your part. Just like you expect us to keep the servers running and to keep delivering new features.

Keep Accurate Prices

When a customer orders one of your products, they expect the price to be accurate. If it is not accurate, and we have to negotiate with the buyer, then you may lose not only that sale, but also future sales from that customer. 

Customers need to trust that your prices are accurate. If you are constantly negotiating prices after orders are submitted, they will lose that trust and stop ordering from you altogether. 

In order to help you keep your prices updated we have developed a bulk-price editing tool that allows you to change all of your prices based on fluctuations in your costs.

Keep Products Up to Date

Similarly to keeping your prices accurate, you also need to make sure that you account for any down time in production. 

For example, if your production line for 600x600mm is shutdown for maintenance then you should not be offering sales for 600x600mm on Marteu as customers expect to receive their order within the next 3-4 months at most. 

You can do this by simply pausing your 600x600mm products. Once production is up and running again, you can simply reactivate those products and they will be visible again to buyers for purchase.

Review Submitted Orders Quickly

Submitted orders represent a proposal from the buyer to purchase a set quantity of products in a container from you. 

The longer a customer is waiting for you to accept their order, the higher the chances are that they will cancel and purchase from your competition. The most successful Manufacturers on Marteu review submitted orders daily. 

If you are able to:

  • Keep your products up to date
  • Maintain accurate prices
  • Customize your MOQ settings correctly

Then there should be no reason for you to reject orders. 

If there is some issue with a submitted order that you cannot manage using the options available. Then you should always contact us before rejecting an order.

It is Marteu’s responsibility to learn from these situations in order to develop features that avoid them in the future. We may also be able to speak with the customer on your behalf and help find a good solution for both parties.

Updated Order Statuses Give You A Competitive Advantage

Marteu allows customers to keep track of the progress being made on their order. Whenever they need, customers can check Marteu and see if their container is in production, in QC, in shipment, arrived at port, and more. They get updated delivery details, access to QC reports, and can even review images of their pallets/products that you provide. 

Your attentiveness to your orders is the best way for you to communicate the professionalism and expertise of you and your company to the customer.

For example:

If you are able to move an order from the status of “In Queue” to “Production” as soon as production begins – then buyers perceive that your manufacturing process is more efficient than others and will return to purchase again from you. 

We are always releasing new updates to Marteu that allow you to expand on this competitive advantage by giving more information to customers.

For example, when an order reaches the status of packaged, you are able to upload images of the order to Marteu that the customer can see. This allows you to form a better relationship with the customer and gives them insight into the production process that they may not be getting from other manufacturers. 

It is your responsibility to update the order status throughout production and packaging. Once you fulfill your FOB responsibility, Marteu’s system manages the rest. Manufacturers that fail to keep their order statuses up to date may be removed from the platform for not fulfilling their obligation to their customers.

Work With the Quality Team

Each order submitted on Marteu is inspected by a third party quality team. While you most likely have your own in-house QC team, this third party inspection is essential. It gives customers peace of mind that their investment will arrive well packaged, unbroken, and to the high quality standards that are expected of Marteu Manufacturers. 

Prior to arriving at your location, the quality team will contact with you and organize inspection time and date. They are there to help you. The reports they generate are valuable to the customer and help create repeat business for you. Work with them and help them get the information they need so that you can be successful on Marteu.

Pack Containers According to Marteu Orders

Marteu is designed for single container orders. Buyers may submit multiple containers at a time. However, each order they submit represents the products that the customer wants in one container. They may have special plans for how they will organize downloading and storing the pallets. They may want containers delivered to different locations. 

If you receive multiple orders from the same customer, you cannot pack the containers randomly. Each container must contain the exact designs, formats, and quantities as indicated in the Marteu order.